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Baby elephant boom hits Chester Zoo

Filed under: Chester — Posted by: Mark on February 1, 2013

Britain’s most popular wildlife attraction, Chester Zoo, recently welcomed its second newly-born Asian elephant calf in a matter of months.

The latest arrival was brought into the world by parents Nayam and Sinathi on January 21 and was confirmed to be a female a few days later. This follows the November birth of a male calf to mother Sundara back in November 2012. The Chester Zoo website has a video report on the new arrival, created with assistance from the BBC, which includes footage of the birth itself.

Chester was the first British zoo to breed Asian elephants successfully, and continues to regulate a programme to sustain Europe’s population of the endangered mammal. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that as few as 25,600 Asian elephants could still be living in the wild today, with such threats as loss of habitat, breeding difficulties, disease, capture and illegal ivory hunting having taken their toll.

Elephants aside, the zoo saw a flurry of newborn creatures in late 2012, which included a pair of giant otters, a Sumatran orangutan, an okapi and a giraffe. In further good news for those concerned with the preservation of critically endangered animals, a baby black rhino arrived at the zoo in October 2012.

Boasting over 10,000 animals and around 400 species, the constant additions to the zoo ensure that there is something new to animal enthusiasts each time they visit, and keep people from all over the country on the lookout for accommodation near Chester all year round.

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