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Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet – helping the cost-conscious stay fashion-conscious

For all sorts of people, the way they dress and appear to others is of great importance to them. This may be for personal reasons, but it can also be for business reasons. Their line of work might well demand a dress sense that keeps up with the times. Whatever the reason, dressing fashionably and sporting stylish “must-have” accessories are sources of real pleasure for many, and a confidence booster as well. Unfortunately, sometimes the latest fashions can be a little on the pricey side, even for the real enthusiasts. Additionally, in this context, looking for great deals or items on sale can be a rewarding pastime in its own right.

It is to the discerning fashion-conscious – but also cost-conscious – shopper that the typical designer outlet appeals. The designer outlet began in the US during the 1930s as a cross between a shop and a warehouse. The key to these makeshift stores was that costs could be saved all round by sending items “straight to market”, cutting out the middleman i.e. the conventional retailer. If shoppers didn’t mind the scaled-back look and feel of factory outlets and the manufacturers didn’t mind losing some margin, then here was a setup to suit all parties.

Designer outlets were a little slower to take off in the UK than in the US during the ensuing years. However, the UK is now catching up, with centres such as the thriving Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet offering some terrific bargains, as well as a memorable and rewarding shopping experience. Cheshire Oaks, in North-West England, is situated in Ellesmere Port, just to the north of Chester (one of the most attractive parts of the UK), and is equally accessible from either Manchester or Liverpool.

Cheshire Oaks is the UK’s largest designer outlet, with over 145 leading brands on offer and reductions available of up to 65 per cent. It is, indeed, an ideal shopping location for fashion-conscious folk hoping to snap up a bargain. As a sign of its fashion-friendliness, Cheshire Oaks kicked off the Spring season with its first ever Fashion Fling in April earlier this year. In association with Grazia, the two-week festival gave visitors the chance to sample delights from many of the big brands, as well have their photos taken during spontaneous Polaroid snapping sessions. There were also flash sales to keep customers on their toes.

Now, in the height of summer, Cheshire Oaks shoppers can make significant savings on designer sunglasses from leading names, as well as safari dresses and striking nautical-style dresses from well-known design houses.

Meanwhile, Cheshire Oaks has gone big on the sixties revival, including swing style dresses, elegant vintage white brogues for women and petite clutches which epitomise that remarkable decade.

Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that Cheshire Oaks is more than just a designer outlet with some lip-smacking bargains; it is a fully-fledged, well-staffed and friendly shopping destination with all the facilities, including restaurants, you would need for a satisfying day out.

Posted by Ryan
July 26, 2013
Cheshire Oaks

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