Cheshire Phoenix chairman excited for future

With the county’s basketball team returning to Ellesmere Port, Mike Burton claimed that there are exciting times ahead for the town’s new sports complex.

The recently appointed chairman for Cheshire Phoenix spoke at the recent opening of the Ellesmere Port Sports Village (EPSV), which cost £15m to build and will be the Nix’s home starting next season.

Also present at the opening ceremony was Prince Edward, who spoke a few words of encouragement to Burton.

The chairman said that he believed there was a bright future ahead for the town, thanks to the EPSV. He added that this was especially the case once the basketball season gets into full swing in September, as the Nix have not been based in Ellesmere Port for over two decades.

The new arena, which is located near Cheshire Oaks, has a capacity of 1,400. Burton believes that the team’s move to the new facility represents an exciting opportunity for the club, which will be able to grow and improve at the premises.

Speaking to the Chester Chronicle, Burton commented:

“It is a huge stepping stone for the club and it’s a really exciting time… We are in a magical location right next to Cheshire Oaks and the hope is that we can get some families to come across and watch a game and get even more kids involved in the game and the club.”

Local businesses are also hopeful that the EPSV will have a knock-on effect, with visitors to the arena taking the time to visit the many shops, restaurants and hotels near Cheshire Oaks.

Posted by Ryan
July 8, 2015
Cheshire Oaks

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